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Welcome to Harbord – The Home Insurance People™, where we get leading insurance companies competing for your business.


Barbara G.

Thank you.  The transaction was great – as efficient and painless as it could be.  Much easier than coming in to the office.

Thank you all for your help.

Rosie L.

Coralee continues to offer the highest quality of service and continues to go above and beyond to help answer questions for our company.  You are so fortunate to have such a stellar employee!

Thanks to your whole team,

Bill D.

I dealt with Cindy on Denman Island.

She is absolutely terrific.  Patient, knowledgeable and easy to deal with.  Cindy made the entire process entirely painless.


I’m glad this email was sent out. I renewed my policy yesterday and it was actually an enjoyable experience!

Quick, efficient, excellent customer service, I truly couldn’t be happier with the rep I spoke with!

You don’t often get a chance to “sing someone’s praises” so to speak, but it really was a great interaction.


Instead of just giving you one price, we show you competing prices from Canada’s leading insurers! You can see how these prices compare to one another and how they compare to what you’re paying for your existing policy. Then, instead of automatically renewing your policy, we again get the insurers to quote on your business and show you all the quotes we find.


Most insurance providers remain tied to one insurer, which is why they only show you one price when they quote. But we are truly independent, so we can get the insurance companies competing for your business!


Instead of trying to know all about a whole bunch of different kinds of insurance, we’ve chosen to specialize. Home insurance is all we do so our clients know they’re getting expert advice from a specialist.

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busy bee!

Not ready for quotes?

No problem!

We can contact you later, before your current policy expires, and show you some sweet deals!

Hey there, 

busy bee!


Not ready for quotes?

No problem!

We can contact you later, before your

current policy expires, and show you some

sweet deals!