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Home Insurance for Thompson Okanagan

Home Insurance for Thompson Okanagan

The Thompson Okanagan boasts some of the most extreme ranges of climate found in any region in B.C. You can travel from the arid Okanagan desert to the majesty of the Rocky Mountains in a day. With this diverse climate, we also see changes in policy needs. Down in the desert around Kelowna and Kamloops, there is more demand for protection and liability extensions for in-ground swimming pools, where you wouldn’t find this need in areas higher up in the mountains. Turn to the home insurance experts in your area for competitive prices and quotes.

With that in mind, our fully licensed and highly qualified Insurance brokers understand the individual home insurance needs of residents of this region. You might be looking for more water or flood insurance or determining whether earthquake insurance is necessary. We can help! Call us today.

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Choosing the Perfect Thompson Okanagan Home Insurance Policy

House Insurance

House insurance is all we do. We will ask a bunch of Canada’s leading insurers – such as Aviva, Economical, Family Insurance, Intact, Travelers, and Wawanesa – to quote your business. Once we have the quotes, we will share the results with you, apply all eligible discounts, and help you choose the one that best meets your needs. We do the comparison shopping for you!

Condo Insurance

We know that condos are an affordable way to get into the real estate market in the Thompson Okanagan. We also know that condos & townhouses require a different insurance approach than detached homes. Your strata – if applicable – may have specific requirements. They may also have measures in place that qualify you for discounts on your insurance. Our strata-specialized brokers are here to help you every step of the way.

Tenant Insurance

We provide some of the most affordable tenant insurance policies in British Columbia! Using our online price comparison tool, take 10 minutes to answer some questions about your current tenant insurance policy or residence. We will quickly provide competing prices from Canada’s leading insurance companies!

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