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A Peek Behind the Scenes

Meet Charlotte de Wynter, our Operations Manager.

Tell us about your history in insurance.

I’ve been working in insurance for nearly 12 years. Yes, I was a baby when I started! Over that time, I’ve sold all types of insurance but have spent most of my career focusing on home insurance. In my current role, I get to do a bit of everything, which I love. Some days my role is more management; others, I’ll answer home insurance questions. It’s really the best of both worlds.

Why the focus on home insurance?

I love helping people and teaching them too. Home Insurance is the one area in insurance where I really feel that I can do both. I can help my clients get back to normal if a disaster hits, and I get to teach clients about what they’re really covered for. I also sometimes get to explain some really obscure coverages, which I love!

What’s your favorite insurance coverage?

Voluntary Property Damage. Mostly because it’s the most fun to explain.

Ok, what is Voluntary Property Damage?

Imagine your kid is riding his bicycle, and he hits a slick patch of road. He falls right into a parked car, breaking its window. Voluntary Property Damage will cover that damage! It won’t cover damage to your kid though…

Why Harbord – The Home Insurance People?

I love that we offer the best of both worlds. We give clients the ease of a web-based company, partnered with the support you’d get at your local brokerage.

Any last thoughts?

Harbord – The Home Insurance People only hires insurance experts. Everyone on our team wants to make the experience of comparing (and buying) insurance as pain-free as possible. If you have questions about insurance or would like a comparison quote, we love to hear from you by phone. If you’d instead start the process by yourself, we offer online comparisons in as few as ten minutes.

Contact Us!

If you live in Alberta or British Columbia and are looking for Home Insurance, we are here to answer any questions you may have about our range of home insurance products and servicesContact our team at 1.844.544.4663 and see what makes us Harbord – The Home Insurance People™!

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