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Buying an Older Home? Here’s Some Tips on Keeping Insurance Costs Down.

Here are Some Tips on Keeping Insurance Costs Down.

Older homes are great! They come with history, charm, and unique quirks, but sometimes high insurance costs.

Keeping Insurance Costs Down in Older Homes The Home Insurance People

How do you keep those home insurance costs down?

  • Heating. Make sure your heating system is updated and maintained. Homes with oil tanks over 25 years of age may be uninsurable or may have higher insurance costs.
  • Wiring. Many houses that were built before 1950 have knob and tube wiring. These homes are more likely to have fires, so insurance companies are less willing to insure them.
  • Roof. Old roofs can look unsightly and have a higher water and wind damage risk. Most insurers prefer that roofs are updated every 20 years.
  • Plumbing. Older homes often have rust-prone galvanized pipes, contributing to burst pipes and leaks. Talk to your home inspector to ensure this isn’t an issue in your retro home.

It can sometimes be difficult to insist on a home inspection before closing in today’s market. However, to ensure the home isn’t at risk for higher insurance risks and costs, we recommend having a qualified home inspector look at your home. It will help keep you and your new (old) home safe.

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