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Condo Vs House: Which Should You Buy?

With the price of housing predicted to start dropping by 5% in 2023, many people will finally be able to start looking into purchasing a home. The first question for people looking to buy their home is what type of property would best suit their needs. The two main properties to choose from are a […]

How to Save on Home Insurance in Alberta

Prices have been increasing in every sector of life for the past few years. Inflation rates are the highest that they have been in Canada since the early 1990s. Unfortunately, this extends to your insurance. Here are some simple tips to help you save on your home insurance bill. 1. Do Not “Over Insure” Your […]

Five Home Insurance Myths

Home insurance is a complicated business with many parts that take years to learn, and it is not something you can pick up overnight. Along with the many aspects of home insurance, there are many myths that people have learned. We have compiled a list of five of the most common insurance myths in hopes […]

CNS Closure

CNS (Canadian Northern Shield) Is Closing. Canadian Northern Shield (CNS) is an insurance company founded in 1985 and based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since then, they have provided various types of insurance to thousands of clients across British Columbia. In 2007, CNS was acquired by Royal & SunAlliance (RSA). However, RSA and all its assets […]

7 Things To Know About A Property Claim

When the unexpected happens to your home, home insurance is there to support you. However, filing a claim through your insurance company can still feel stressful and overwhelming at times.  Here are 7 things that everyone should know when they need to submit a property claim. 1. Call Your Insurance Broker As Soon As Possible […]

The Claims Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you know what to do in the event of a home insurance claim? Below is our step-by-step guide to help you through the claims process. 1. Call Your Insurance Broker This is the first thing you will want to do so you can discuss the claim with them and discuss all the factors to […]

Understanding Repair and Maintenance Responsibilities in Your Condo Building

Although repair and maintenance responsibilities often differ from building to building, some basics remain consistent in standard condo buildings. You pay strata fees for a reason, and it’s important to know what’s included in your strata coverage. We answered some frequently asked questions regarding repair and maintenance responsibilities in condo buildings. Standard coverage included in […]

Local Underinsured Home and Condo Owners May Face Stiff Bills

As a condo or townhouse owner in B.C, your home insurance is broken down into two distinct categories: The insurance you pay with your strata fees covers the complex structure and common areas. Your own personal insurance for your unit and the contents within your home. For many, this means leaving the strata insurance portion […]

What To Know About BC’s Condo Insurance Market Trouble

There has been some news recently about consumers’ dire concerns regarding BC’s condo insurance market. These concerns are mainly due to the substantial and skyrocketing increases in condo building insurance premiums and, in some extreme cases, condo buildings being unable to get approved for any insurance policies! Read below to learn more. Condo Insurance Rates […]

Strata Insurance & Deductibles for Condos or Townhomes Explained

Suppose you own a condo apartment or townhouse. In that case, you probably pay for insurance to cover your unit in case of any damage to the apartment or townhouse through your condo or home insurance. However, you also pay extra insurance for additional coverage to the entire complex through your strata fees. The two […]

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