Why It’s Critical To Keep Your Home Insurance Continuous

Many people don’t realize that they could actually save themselves a lot of hassle and money in the long term if they ensure that they do not have gaps in their home, condo, or tenant insurance. Why is that, you ask? Let us explain! When you buy home insurance, the insurance company pays a small […]

What Poly B Pipes Mean For Your Home Insurance

Polybutylene Leak #3 by ilovebutter is licensed under CC BY 2.0 As the real estate market gets tighter and more expensive, more and more new, homeowners are forced into buying older homes. While they may have their charms, houses, and apartments past a certain age, they have their share of hidden costs and dangers. Most […]

Extreme Weather in BC: Tips to Keep You Prepared for Natural Disasters

As extreme weather hits many parts of British Columbia, there is no denying the possibility for a natural disaster to catch us off guard at a moment’s notice. It may be time to consider whether or not you are prepared for the unexpected. Know Which Hazards are a Threat to Your Area First, take steps […]

Van Life Vs. Tiny Homes: Insurance Options Explained

Ah, van life and the vagabond experience. A dream come true! Think about it. You can travel the province and pull up your stakes whenever you choose. You could wake up one morning by the Rockies and settle that evening in Kamloops, Banff, Vancouver, or anywhere that pulls at your strings. What a great life, […]

Returning Home After A Flood

Flood Watch and High Stream-Flow advisories were issued by Environment Canada this past weekend, and we are now seeing the devastation of these heavy floods across British Columbia. We have compiled a list of essential safety tips for returning home after a flood, and we urge you to use extreme caution when re-entering your home. […]

The Dangers of Homes Without Home Insurance

Buying a home — especially for the first time — is one of the most significant, most valuable purchases you will ever make. While insurance can’t guarantee that your home will never be damaged, a home insurance policy can ensure that you are financially protected if damage does occur. But what are the risks of […]

Wildfires & Home Insurance: How to Secure Proper Coverage During Wildfire Season

Proper home insurance coverage is essential for all homeowners—so much so that it’s mandatory for mortgage lenders. There are many risks facing homeowners and their homes, including floods, earthquakes, and fires. When it comes to fire danger, this consists of both fires that start from within the house and from external fires like the many […]

Upgrading a Home’s Electrical to Replace Oil Tank with Heat Pump

In case you haven’t read my previous posts on this (which you can find here & here), my name is Charlotte, I’m an insurance broker, and I’m changing my heating from an old inefficient oil tank to a new heat pump. READ: Part 1 READ: Part 2 Inspecting Electrical for Heat Pump Addition I purchased my home […]

2021 Wildfire Safety and Prevention Tips for Community Preparedness

May 1st, 2021, was officially Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, and local events may be held through Oct. 31st. To support this initiative and to help avoid home insurance claims, we’ve provided some tips on wildfire safety and prevention, which will help keep you and your home safe this summer. Wildfire prevention in BC is a […]

Replacing My Home’s Old Oil Tank with a Heat Pump and Backup

It’s Insurance Broker Charlotte here! Yes, I’m a real person and a real insurance broker, who just also happens to be on the TV ads for Harbord – The Home Insurance People. Older oil tanks are an issue for insurers for multiple reasons. Read our intro post for more background and info on the risks […]