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Consider These Home Liability Concerns Before Entertaining This Summer

Picture this. It’s May Long weekend, and your friends from out of town are coming up to visit.

You haven’t seen each other in years, so you decide to throw a little house party in their honour and invite everyone you know. You’ve got everything ready for their visit: the food, drinks, and even that new sound system you’ve wanted for months. People start arriving, and you’re all enjoying yourself in no time, laughing and reminiscing out on the deck when disaster suddenly strikes. Screams pierce the air as forty people drop eleven feet to the ground below. People lay in a crumpled mess of broken wrists and ankles.

Consider These Home Liability Concerns Before Entertaining This Summer The Home Insurance People

That sounds awful, doesn’t it? The appalling thing is that it happens more often than not. Decks must be built to code and maintained for optimal longevity. It is recommended that decks are inspected every two years, with an annual inspection on new buildings for the first two years. Cleaning and general maintenance should be done a minimum of twice a year. This includes gutters and drains, railings, and deck surfaces, as debris may cause water build-up that can damage the surface and structure of the deck. Certified building inspectors should carry out inspections and are usually provided by your insurance company.

That seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Keep your deck well-maintained and clean, and there will be no injuries. Well, that’s not the case for every person. That’s why we at Harbord – The Home Insurance People recommend $2,000,000 in Liability insurance. Liability insurance is meant for the people who come to your house. Whether it is family, friends, or the postman – everyone on your property should be protected in case of injury. Injuries can range from a dog bite to something as extreme as a deck collapse. If the injury results in an inability to work or a permanent disability, the injured person may choose to sue you. This is where your Liability insurance kicks in to protect you and provide for those injured. Depending on the amount of foot traffic at your home or ongoing construction, it might be worthwhile to ask your broker if additional Liability insurance would be right for you.

Liability Insurance Harbord The Home Insurance People

Also important to know is that most home insurance companies offer Voluntary Medical Expenses. Voluntary Medical Expenses may be used when someone is unintentionally injured on your property, such as if they trip on your front step and fracture their arm. As the homeowner, you can pull money from your Voluntary Medical Expenses to compensate the injured person for any time off work or medical expenses. This is beneficial in having the ability to be done without the drawn-out aspects of the legal system. Limits may equal up to $5,000, so ask your insurance broker what yours is.

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