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Melting Snow Means Potential Flooding

Melting snow means a high potential for flooding… and we want to ensure that our clients and community are prepared!

Shovel Snow

Be sure to shovel the snow away from your gutters, window wells, and the foundation of your home.

Shoveling snow away from your home is critical. If you don’t use a snow blower or shovel to keep snow from building up alongside your home, you risk water damage when it melts. We recommend moving snow at least six feet away from the foundation to avoid basement leaks and pressure on your foundation which can cause cracking.

shoveling snow the home insurance people

Avoid Shoveling Snow Into The Streets

Avoid shoveling snow into the streets. Keep it in your own yard so that it doesn’t block any drains.

Additionally, snow on the roads and sidewalks is hazardous for pedestrians and vehicles. It can also violate municipal bylaws.

Extend Your Downspouts

Extend your downspouts by a couple of meters so that they aim away from the foundation of your home.

If the runoff is not far away enough from the home, you may damage the foundation of your home and create basement leaks.

There are companies that provide this service or you can look into a DIY option.

Check Your Roof

check your roof the home insurance people

Be sure to keep your roof clear of snow. Always use precautions or hire a professional in British Columbia or Alberta.

Help Your Community!

Help remove excess snow and ice from the catch basins on your street to avoid pooling water from clogged catch basins (storm drains).

Although your city will likely have crews helping to clear the snow from catch basins, we recommend ensuring that all of your local basins are clear and free from ice so that they can properly drain. Get your shovel out and help keep you and your neighbors safe and dry!

Wishing our clients a safe, warm, claims-free holiday season!

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