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Purchasing Home Insurance During Wildfire Season? Here’s What You Need To Know

Purchasing Home Insurance During Wildfire Season? Here's What You Need To Know Harbord The Home Insurance People

Summer may be one of the hottest seasons for real estate sales, but with the BC summer heat also comes added wildfire risk. This can sometimes affect home insurance policies, renewals, and even real estate sales! Read on to learn more about home insurance for wildfires and how purchasing home insurance during wildfire season can have added obstacles.

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BC Wildfire Insurance

Although every insurance policy is different, most home insurance policies have some fire damage coverage, including fire from wildfires, especially in BC. It’s best to contact your current home insurance provider to discuss the exact details of the policy. If you have a home insurance policy with Harbord or want to get a free quote at no obligation quickly, contact us now!

BC Wildfire Insurance Harbord The Home Insurance People

Owning Homes Near Wildfires

Homes near common wildfire sites, or worse – close to an active wildfire – are at higher risk of fire damage, so insurance policy premiums are often affected accordingly.

Higher Home Insurance Premiums

Unfortunately, home insurance premiums are often more expensive if the home is in an area known for wildfire danger. This is especially the case if you’ve had to submit a home insurance claim due to wildfire damage in the past or if there is a current wildfire ablaze close to your home.

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Home Insurance Policy Complications

Homeowners planning to buy or own property in wildfire zones can even face complications when finding or renewing their home insurance policy. If your home is too high of risk from wildfire damage, home insurance providers may not be able or willing to take on that risk. Of course, this is especially true during wildfire season and if a live wildfire ablaze exists. That means having trouble finding home insurance, exposing the homeowner to many risks, from wildfire damage and having their mortgage pulled.

Fire Home Insurance Harbord The Home Insurance People

Home Sale Complications

In the worst-case scenario, your BC home cannot find a home insurance provider willing to take on the risk, leaving you without insurance for your home. Not only does this leave you at risk of covering any damages to the house yourself, but it can also put you at risk in other ways. Banks may not want to finance the mortgage if the home does not have proper insurance, and real estate sales can be affected too.

What To Know

If you own or are looking to own property in BC, keep the common BC wildfires in mind. Homes near common wildfire areas may be subject to higher home insurance premiums. Even worse, some homes may have trouble finding home insurance if they are too high of risk from wildfire damage or if a live wildfire is currently ablaze. This can negatively affect and jeopardize some critical aspects of your home ownership. It’s essential to work with a reliable real estate agent and mortgage broker, do your homework, and find a credible home insurance provider.

Contact Harbord

Contact our team if you have any questions about how wildfire risk may affect home insurance policies, want to review your current policy with Harbord – The Home Insurance People, or want a quick, no-obligation FREE home insurance quote! Contact our team at 1.844.544.4663 and see what makes us Harbord – The Home Insurance People™!

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