Explained: What Are Condo Insurance Loss Assessments?

When you are the owner of a shared property, like a unit in a condo or townhouse, sometimes the responsibility of fixing the damage to that shared property is split between all the unit owners. Subsequently, all owners must divide the cost of repairing these shared damages equally. Still following me? That is where a […]

Benefits Of Water Loss Prevention Devices For Your Home And Insurance

When a water leak happens inside a home or building, it can be disastrous. Not only can it damage the contents inside the house, like furniture and electronics, but the damage to the home or building structure itself can be gut-wrenching. Average water claims can cost tens of thousands of dollars. This would be a […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers, Spring Melt and Water Damage. Are You Covered?

Spring melt and excess rainfall are among the most common risks for Water Damage, Flooding, and Sewer Backup. Typically when we think of spring, we think of sunny days, bright-coloured flowers, and green lawns. “April showers bring May flowers,”….right? That may be true, but flowers aren’t the only thing the rain follows. If your region […]

Etsy? Markets? Why You May Want To Tell Us If You Are Selling Your Crafts

Do you love making crafts? Do you have nowhere to keep your mountain of creations anymore? Have you dreamed of opening your own Etsy shop? Longed to sell you things at your local weekend market? Do we ask too many questions? The answer to that last question is yes; unfortunately, it’s a side effect of […]

Why Your Best Insurance Is With An Insurance Broker

We may be a bit biased (probably a lot biased), but we genuinely believe that most people are better off buying their home insurance with an Insurance Broker. Harbord – The Home Insurance People are exclusively staffed with Insurance Brokers. Our clients usually have no idea why that sets us apart. Here are a few […]

Welcome to the Scary World of an Insurance Claim-A Halloween Insurance Special

Imagine coming home from a night trick or treating to find that your couch, carpets, and TV have all been destroyed. You immediately think that a pack of werewolves has broken in, but you quickly realize that sweet Rover panicked at the sound of fireworks. Who you gonna call? Don’t call Ghostbusters. You should probably […]

How Much Should Your Contents Coverage Be?

Confused about Contents Coverage? We are here to help! Whether you’re shopping for condo insurance or even rental insurance, at some point, we’ll ask you how much you need for your contents coverage. Don’t worry; you’re not the only person stumped by this common home insurance question. We’re asking how much insurance you would need […]

Contents Insurance for Condominiums

Frequently Asked Questions About Contents Insurance for Condominiums. Buying Contents Insurance for your first condominium can be overwhelming. You’re already spending your life savings on a place you’ve only seen a handful of times. You’ll be signing legal documents that you may not understand. Add onto that – the confusion of two types of insurance, […]