Extreme Weather in BC: Tips to Keep You Prepared for Natural Disasters

As extreme weather hits many parts of British Columbia, there is no denying the possibility for a natural disaster to catch us off guard at a moment’s notice. It may be time to consider whether or not you are prepared for the unexpected. Know Which Hazards are a Threat to Your Area First, take steps […]

Fill The Gaps of Insurance with Buy Down Coverage for Glass, Earthquakes & More

Insurance is a great product, especially if an accident or natural disaster happens. Home Insurance keeps our bank accounts safe and gives us peace of mind if anything happens to our home, but insurance is sometimes quite complex. There are insurance premiums to consider deductibles to consider if/when filing claims, and one must factor in […]

What is the Disaster Financial Assistance Program (DFA)?

No matter how prepared you may be, nobody fully expects a natural disaster to occur when it does. However, a safeguard is in place to protect your home in the event of a catastrophe. Home insurance is the best protection you can personally have as the Disaster Financial Assistance program (DFA) has changed. Between 2007 […]

3 Things You Should Know About Home Insurance In BC

The Home Insurance People are experts when it comes to Home Insurance in BC. We also might be biased, but we really think that BC is the most beautiful place on earth. From the ocean views on Vancouver Island to the mountain terrain of the Rockies, we really do live in the best province. However, […]

Earthquake Insurance and Beyond

How to Protect Yourself if the Big One Hits! In some areas in British Columbia, it seems we can’t escape talk of the “Big One. We all know that we should be preparing and protecting ourselves, but how? Earthquake insurance is critical to rebuilding your home post-quake, but having the right supplies on hand is […]