Home Liability Concerns While Entertaining This Summer

COVID-19 restrictions are continuing to lighten, and the weather is warming up. This means that it is the perfect time to reconnect with all of your friends you haven’t been able to see over the past few years. Backyard barbeques and parties are regular events during the summer season, and it is just as essential […]

Reality Bites: Risky Dog Breeds and Home Insurance Claims

In many parts of BC, dog ownership is prevalent among homeowners. Some even see their dogs as part of the family or protectors of the house, adding to the home’s security and safety. However, many do not realize that dog ownership (along with other pets) can also become a liability. Read on to learn more […]

Consider These Home Liability Concerns Before Entertaining This Summer

Picture this. It’s May Long weekend, and your friends from out of town are coming up to visit. You haven’t seen each other in years, so you decide to throw a little house party in their honor and invite everyone you know. You’ve got everything ready for their visit: the food, drinks, and even that […]

Home Insurance-What Does It Do When You’re Not At Home?

Home Insurance covers far more than just your home. Don’t let its name fool you. Home Insurance covers much more than your home itself! Liability coverage is one of the most significant pieces of your Home Insurance package. Your liability coverage follows you, whether you’re at home or away. What is Liability Coverage? Liability coverage […]