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Extreme Weather in BC: Tips to Keep You Prepared for Natural Disasters

As extreme weather hits many parts of British Columbia, there is no denying the possibility for a natural disaster to catch us off guard at a moment’s notice. It may be time to consider whether or not you are prepared for the unexpected. Know Which Hazards are a Threat to Your Area First, take steps […]

What You Need to Know About Fire and Tenant Insurance Coverage

Within the past week, Victoria, BC, residents have seen headline after headline on local apartment fires. As a community, we’re becoming increasingly aware of how frequently these disasters occur — and wondering how we can better protect ourselves if the unthinkable were to happen to us. It’s important to remember that apartment fires aren’t just […]

Wildfires & Home Insurance: How to Secure Proper Coverage During Wildfire Season

Proper home insurance coverage is essential for all homeowners—so much so that it’s mandatory for mortgage lenders. There are many risks facing homeowners and their homes, including floods, earthquakes, and fires. When it comes to fire danger, this consists of both fires that start from within the house and from external fires like the many […]

2021 Wildfire Safety and Prevention Tips for Community Preparedness

May 1st, 2021, was officially Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, and local events may be held through Oct. 31st. To support this initiative and to help avoid home insurance claims, we’ve provided some tips on wildfire safety and prevention, which will help keep you and your home safe this summer. Wildfire prevention in BC is a […]

Purchasing Home Insurance During Wildfire Season? Here’s What You Need To Know

Summer may be one of the hottest seasons for real estate sales, but with the BC summer heat also comes added wildfire risk. This can sometimes affect home insurance policies, renewals, and even real estate sales! Read on to learn more about home insurance for wildfires and how purchasing home insurance during wildfire season can […]

9 Tips to Protect Your Home from BC Wildfires Damage in 2020

With the super hot summers that BC usually experiences every year coming, we should also expect and prepare for the BC wildfires that typically come with the season too. Protecting a home from wildfire damage can help save homeowners thousands of dollars worth of fire damage and home insurance expenses. Below are some tips and […]

Wildfire Risk Assessment Tips for Your Home from FireSmart Canada

With the hot summer weather approaching, the risk of wildfires is rising. Many don’t think our homes are at risk from wildfires until too late. Although wildfires are entirely out of our control, there are still some steps that we can take to assess how much wildfire risk our home is vulnerable to. Here are […]

What is the Disaster Financial Assistance Program (DFA)?

No matter how prepared you may be, nobody fully expects a natural disaster to occur when it does. However, a safeguard is needed to protect your home in a catastrophe. Home insurance is the best protection you can personally have as the Disaster Financial Assistance Program (DFA) has changed. Between 2007 and now, $47 million […]

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