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Tiny Home Insurance – The Lowdown on Insuring Your Tiny House

Tiny Home Insurance - The Lowdown on Insuring Your Tiny House The Home Insurance People

A few years ago, tiny homes were legally prohibited in many parts of BC due to strict and old zoning laws. However, this has been changing in the last couple of years, and tiny homes have been growing in popularity substantially. Several municipalities around BC are now opening up to the idea of tiny home living to help provide housing to residents.

Tiny Home Living

If you’re unfamiliar with tiny homes, you can get a pretty good idea from the name. Tiny homes are usually small (around or less than 500 sq. ft. in most cases) and can be built using various methods and materials. Still, many tiny homes are made of steel containers commonly used for shipping. Many homes are not motorized but can still be mobile and moved quickly. These homes are not just tiny but economical too, allowing owners to build for cheaper and typically spend less on utilities.

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A Growing Trend in Vancouver and Around BC

There was recently a laneway home approval in Saanich (so homeowners can build a tiny home for rental purposes on their property). It’s enormous in Vancouver now too. As more and more British Columbians warm up to living in a tiny home or building one as a rental property to supplement their income, it’s essential to get an idea of the different risks and insurance coverage needs for such an endeavour.

Tiny Homes and Home Insurance Harbord The Home Insurance People

How Much Do Tiny Homes Cost?

The cost of a tiny home can vary widely, depending on the size of the house, location, and material. Some tiny home builders have been able to build their homes for around $25,000 to $50,000, but these would be on the lower, more frugal end. Other tiny houses can cost as much as $100,000+ if you look on the higher, more expensive end.

Insurance Coverage Considerations For Tiny Homes

As much as saving money and freeing-up cash flow can be a big part of tiny home living, it may still be good to consider home insurance for the tiny property. If the homes are still valued well into the high-mid 5-figures and 6-figures, then that is still a high-worth asset that the owner may want to protect. If significant damage is caused to the property, like a large fire, the homeowner could be down many thousands of dollars. The right home insurance policy can be beneficial, even for a tiny home.

Protect Your Tiny Home From Major Damage

If you have the right coverage, your property will be covered if/when significant damage is caused to your tiny home property from a large fire, a water leak, strong winds, and natural disasters. This coverage would help pay for any significant repairs that may be needed and even complete replacement of the home, maybe if required. This can be a lifesaver for the many families investing thousands into these tiny homes and may even rely on renting the space out for income.

Home Insurance for Small Homes Harbord The Home Insurance People

Get a Quick & Free Quote for Your Tiny Home!

Please contact us here at Harbord for more information on tiny homes in BC and AB and their different home insurance coverage options. We’d be happy to help answer any questions and provide you with a quick and free no-obligation quote for your property. Contact our team at 1.844.544.4663 and see what makes us Harbord – The Home Insurance People™!

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