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Welcome to the Scary World of an Insurance Claim-A Halloween Insurance Special

Imagine coming home from a night trick or treating to find that your couch, carpets, and TV have all been destroyed.

You immediately think that a pack of werewolves has broken in, but you quickly realize that sweet Rover panicked at the sound of fireworks. Who you gonna call? Don’t call Ghostbusters. You should probably make an insurance claim instead.

If you ever have a claim, first ensure you and everyone else are safe and that any further damage is prevented. Then call your insurance company.  If your insurance is with us, we have links with all the insurance claim numbers here. Our providers offer 24-hour service, 7 days a week, even on Halloween. You can find out who to call by looking at your insurance policy, which we would have e-mailed you.  That insurance policy will also need details, such as your policy number.

Scary World of Insurance Claims The Home Insurance People

But what if I can’t find the policy? AHHHHHHHHHH!

Don’t worry.  We’re prepared for that too. If you have an insurance claim during office hours and you’re our client, just call us. We can let you know exactly what to do.  If it’s outside of our office hours and an emergency, call Coast to Coast Claims. They are our emergency claims providers and will help you when we can’t.

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I’m afraid of talking to the claims adjuster.

Many insurance companies will allow you to report the insurance claim online. You’ll need your policy number and who you are insured with to do this. However, in an emergency, you’ll have to talk to a person. Claims adjusters tend to be in the field because they are great with people. They handle emergencies and stressed out people all the time.

I’m scared my policy will go up if I make an insurance claim.

It’s true that, in some cases, your rates will go up. That’s why if you’re ever concerned about whether to make a claim or not, it’s best to call us. We’ll walk you through whether you’ll be better off paying out of pocket for a minor claim or if we think a claim isn’t covered. If it’s an emergency, call the insurance claims line. If it turns out that the claim isn’t worth it after all, you can always stop the claim process at any time.

My claim isn’t going well, and I don’t know what to do.

99% of claims go well. At Harbord – The Home Insurance People, we ensure our Insurance Companies are of excellent standing; otherwise, we wouldn’t place business with them. However, sometimes claims can go south. It may be that a client isn’t aware of their policy limitations. It may be an issue of communication. It could also be an issue with a third-party supplier, like a restoration company. We want to know about any issues immediately. We may not be able to change the outcome of a denied claim, but we can look into it for you. If it’s a communication issue, we may be able to have your claim reassigned. If it’s an issue with a third-party vendor, we want to know so we can do something about it.

You can also use resources outside of us, such as the Insurance Bureau of Canada or the General Insurance Ombud Service. Visit the IBC.ca site here for more details.

We want to make your insurance claims go as smoothly as possible. There’s no need to be scared of anything other than Rover’s aversion to fireworks.

Other than werewolves…they’re pretty scary too.

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