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We’ve Got Mom Covered All Year Round!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the one thing that probably doesn’t come to mind is home insurance.

Why would it? It’s not roses and jewelry or, as I like to call it, “the Mother’s Day standard.” However, it protects the physical items your Mom cares about most. Whether it be jewelry, tools, or that new modern art piece that no one in the family quite understands – we’ve got you covered with home insurance.

We've Got Mom Covered All Year Round! Harbord The Home Insurance People

While home insurance does have a specific amount of coverage for contents, there are often limits to how much coverage there may be for a particular item. From fine arts and firearms to silverware and sports equipment – our insurance providers can add coverage for those treasured items that don’t have enough coverage. The last thing we want is for Mom not fully covered if a claim happens.

How do they do that, you might ask? Well, it depends on the item. Appraisals are often needed for jewelry, artwork, and antiquities. While this seems simple enough, there are things to remember to ensure that items are valued correctly and insured correctly. Precious metals and gemstones fluctuate in price, so it’s essential to update the appraisal every five years for the correct value of the jewelry. Loose or chipped stones will not be accepted, so please remember that repairs must be done first. Antiquities and artwork may also require a level of completion to be accessed appropriately.

For other items such as bicycles, tools, and cameras, including add-ons, many insurance providers only need a bill of sale for the item and any upgrades that may have been done. Bicycles require more in-depth questions, focusing on what the bicycle is used for. Tools and cameras may not be used for business under this unique coverage enhancement. Camera attachments can include the lens, carrying case, tripod, and anything relevant to taking those perfect Mother’s Day photos.

When in doubt, contact your broker and ask them! Here at Harbord – The Home Insurance People, we’re always here to help alleviate any stress from a claim. Our job is to ensure our clients receive excellent customer service and just the right amount of coverage in the event of a loss for all those special items. Do Mother’s Day right this year; get Mom that diamond necklace with an appraisal.


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Home Insurance for Mom The Home Insurance People

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