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What You Need to Know About Fire and Tenant Insurance Coverage

What You Need to Know About Fire and Tenant Insurance Coverage The Home Insurance People

Within the past week, Victoria, BC, residents have seen headline after headline on local apartment fires. As a community, we’re becoming increasingly aware of how frequently these disasters occur — and wondering how we can better protect ourselves if the unthinkable were to happen to us.

It’s important to remember that apartment fires aren’t just a threat to your physical safety. The financial damages are staggering even if a fire happens when you and your family aren’t home. At Harbord The Home Insurance People, we feel obligated to keep our community safe by informing and educating as many people as possible about the financial risks of residential fires.

Here, we’ve compiled some important information that we believe all renters in British Columbia should know:

Fire and Renters Insurance Coverage The Home Insurance People

1. Your Landlord’s Insurance Will Not Cover You

Thousands of renters are living in basement suites in BC. It’s important to note that while your landlord is responsible for their home insurance and the insurance on the building itself, that insurance does not extend to covering your personal property.

2. Renters Insurance Protects Your Belongings

A significant aspect of a renter’s insurance policy is coverage for belongings within the home that may be destroyed in the event of a fire. The policy covers everything you own, from furniture and décor to clothes and electronics, and can be tailored to your needs.

3. Insurance Covers Temporary Accommodations

If a major fire occurs, your home will likely be unlivable, meaning you’ll need temporary accommodation elsewhere. The good news is that tenant insurance can cover that. Your policy can provide coverage to stay at a hotel if your apartment is unlivable due to an insurance claim. At the same time, repairs occur or while you are looking for new long-term accommodation.

Apartment Insurance Fires Harbord The Home Insurance People

4. Liability Follows You

Your personal liability follows you. If a fire starts in your apartment, you can be found liable for any fire damage caused to other units. But if you accidentally start a fire in a temporary accommodation, like a hotel, you’d still be financially responsible for the damages. Luckily, tenant insurance offers coverage for both of these cases.

5. Home Insurance For Renters Is Affordable

Contrary to popular belief, Tenant Home Insurance is highly affordable. It is often purchased relatively cheaply and can be as low as $20 monthly. Compared with the hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage a fire can cause, the savings can be enormous.

Contact Us. 

The insurance world can seem complex, but it doesn’t have to be. We strongly believe all renters should obtain tenant insurance to keep themselves safe. Our team of highly dedicated brokers is happy to help you navigate obtaining tenant insurance and would be glad to answer any questions you have. Call our brokers at 1.844.544.4663, or get a home insurance quote online.

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