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Why Your Best Insurance Is With An Insurance Broker

We may be a bit biased (probably a lot biased), but we genuinely believe that most people are better off buying their home insurance with an Insurance Broker.

Harbord – The Home Insurance People are exclusively staffed with Insurance Brokers. Our clients usually have no idea why that sets us apart.

Here are a few reasons why we think Insurance Brokers are the best.

Best Insurance Is With An Insurance Broker The Home Insurance People

Brokers Know Their Stuff

If you’re talking with an Insurance Broker, you can be assured that they know insurance. Brokers have to be licensed, which involves annual education requirements. Our broker staff not only complete the annual license requirements but are also required to complete even further ongoing training. This training means that our Insurance Brokers fully know the current Insurance coverages. Our staff also understands the BC market intimately to advise you of the correct coverage for your home.

Insurance Brokers Give You Options

Brokers don’t sell insurance with just one company. We have over 7 markets to choose from, with multiple policy offerings from each company. This means that Brokers can customize your insurance. Not only does that mean you can compare prices, but you’re also assured of getting the best coverage possible.

An Insurance Broker is Independent

Brokers don’t work for insurance companies. For us in particular, Harbord – The Home Insurance People is an independent brokerage, which means we have no ties to any insurance company. This allows us to be completely truthful about the pros and cons of each company.

Insurance Brokers Can Help In A Claim

One of the enormous advantages of having a broker is when there’s a claim. Insurance Brokers can work as an intermediary with the insurance company, meaning you and your needs are looked after. Harbord – The Home Insurance People only deal with markets with excellent claims service, but if you ever have concerns during a claim, we are here to help.

Great Insurance Is With An Insurance Representative The Home Insurance People

Harbord – The Home Insurance People Vs. Your Local Brokerage

We understand that some people prefer to deal with brokers in person. However, for those who want the best of both worlds, we are here for you. Harbord – The Home Insurance People gives you the ease of online insurance and the peace of mind a broker brings. We are here for you when you need us.

Learn more about the broker advantage here: http://www.ibac.ca/Why-Use-A-Broker/The-Broker-Advantage.aspx

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