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Condo Insurance



To get the insurance companies competing for your condo or townhouse insurance, please take 10 minutes to answer some questions online or call us if you prefer. Either way, we’ll enable you to compare quotes from Canada’s leading home insurers.


Find a Better Price!

Most other insurance providers will only tell you about one product. Usually, it’s their in-house policy, and it’s the one they’ll try and sell you every time.

By getting multiple insurance companies to compete for your condo or townhouse insurance business, we can help you find a better price—sometimes a lot better—than what you’re paying now!

Different Insurers Provide Different Discounts

That’s one big reason why it’s essential to get multiple quotes. Visit our insurance discounts page to see which savings you could qualify for.

We’re Independent!

We’re not an insurer, nor are we owned by an insurer. We’re truly independent, so we work for you rather than for the insurance companies. We don’t play favorites with insurance companies. With us, you will be able to compare multiple insurance quotes and make a decision on your terms.

We show you every quote that we find. You’ll quickly determine whether you’re paying too much by what the insurance marketplace offers you in the list of quotes.

Peace of Mind if the Worst Should Happen

We provide quotes from various insurance companies, such as Aviva, Economical, Family Insurance, Intact, Travelers, and Wawanesa. The companies that compete for your business are financially sound corporations. We work with these groups due to their ability to pay claims.


Janet M.

The experience was good with an exceptionally helpful, good natured representative, Kayin.

Zach P.

I am a customer who came in to renew yesterday. I was dealing with an excellent employee, Lyndsay. She is awesome. Very helpful.

Just wanted to forward you a nice note about one of your employees. She’s great.

Diane H.

In response to your great customer service email, I would like you to know that Tony Cook provided top notch service. He answered all of my questions expertly and efficiently and was really nice to boot! He made the whole process very easy. I would rate him at 5 stars for knowledge and great Customer Service.

Of course, being able to renew my insurance over the phone is amazing as well. I am handicapped and really appreciate this service.

I sent you emails the last few years, after renewing my insurance, to tell you how great your staff are. I don’t do this too often but it seems all of your employees are very well trained, provide excellent customer service and have a lot of expertise. This is refreshing in a time where there is high staff turnover in so many businesses and employees don’t seem to know what they’re doing. Thank you for this.

Dexter S.

As always the experience/service was FIVE STAR & TWO THUMBS UP!

Our People!

Home insurance is all we do, so you know you get personalized advice from the qualified condo and townhouse insurance experts. Every team member has been selected for their customer service qualities and ‘can do’ attitude. At Harbord – The Home Insurance People™, our reps will ensure you get the coverage you need – at the right price.



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