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High Value Home Insurance




Our High-Value department is dedicated to saving you money on your Home Insurance!

Are you the owner of a High-Value House or Condo? In that case, our High-Value Team will do their best to save you $$ on your Home insurance. That’s what our High-Value department does for Luxury homeowners every day—and a lot of time, the savings are significant!

They won’t just get you one quote, either. They’ll seek out Quotes from a bunch of High-Value insurance providers—like Lloyd’s, Intact, Aviva, and Chubb—and then they’ll share those Quotes with you, explain the differences, and help you choose the one that offers the best value in your specific case.

Just call us for 

High Value Home

Insurance Quotes


Brian S.

In reply we would like to let you know that Charles was super. We handed him a situation that I do not think he had seen before and he made a great job of sorting it out. Thanks again to him.

Zach P.

I am a customer who came in to renew yesterday. I was dealing with an excellent employee, Lyndsay. She is awesome. Very helpful.

Just wanted to forward you a nice note about one of your employees. She’s great.

Diane H.

In response to your great customer service email, I would like you to know that Tony Cook provided top notch service. He answered all of my questions expertly and efficiently and was really nice to boot! He made the whole process very easy. I would rate him at 5 stars for knowledge and great Customer Service.

Of course, being able to renew my insurance over the phone is amazing as well. I am handicapped and really appreciate this service.

I sent you emails the last few years, after renewing my insurance, to tell you how great your staff are. I don’t do this too often but it seems all of your employees are very well trained, provide excellent customer service and have a lot of expertise. This is refreshing in a time where there is high staff turnover in so many businesses and employees don’t seem to know what they’re doing. Thank you for this.

Jenica W.

Thank you for asking. Charlene Rheinholdt was excellent.. very patient, thorough and caring.

She deserves a medal.

congratulations on your wonderful staff,


Different insurers offer different discounts:

  • Discounts for a good Claims History
  • Credit score Discounts
  • Discounts based on your age
  • Alarm Discounts
  • Mortgage-free Discounts
  • Newer Home Discounts
  • Stability of Residence Discounts
  • Discounts for choosing a higher deductible
  • Discounts for being a Block Watch leader

We Work on Your Behalf!

Unlike so many insurance providers, we’re not an insurer, nor are we owned by an insurer. Instead, we’re independent, so we work for YOU and not for an insurance company. Our independence allows us to shop the insurance marketplace on your behalf, show you the results of our shopping, explain the pros and cons of the various quotes we obtain, and then allow you to choose the quote offering the best value.

Will They Be Able to Pay My Claim If the Worst Happens?

In a disaster, you want to know that the company insuring your house has significant financial resources. That’s why the insurers competing for your business are financially-sound corporations like Aviva, Economical, Family Insurance, Intact, and Travelers.



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