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Tenant Insurance



Tenant insurance (also known as renters’ insurance) is for tenants who want to protect their belongings from risks like fire, water damage, vandalism, and theft.

Please take 10 minutes to answer some questions online about your tenant insurance, and we’ll enable you to compare prices from Canada’s leading insurance companies.

Let Us Help You Get the Best Price!

We’ll get a host of companies to compete for your tenant insurance, so you’ll quickly see who’s offering the best value for you!


Discounts & Savings

Different insurance providers offer different discounts for tenant insurance, but you don’t need to worry about that. Complete our online questionnaire, and the discounts you qualify for automatically apply to all competing quotes. You’ll maximize the number of deals by using our online system to shop the insurance marketplace.

Make an Informed Choice

Most insurance providers will show you one price, and that’s it. But how are you supposed to know if that price is any good? That’s why, with us, you’ll see many competing quotes from various companies. You’ll be able to see how their prices compare, which will put you in a solid position to make an informed choice.

Sleep Well in the Event of a Claim

In a disaster, you want to know that the company insuring your home can cover your significant claim, so we ask financially-sound insurers to compete for your business; companies like Aviva, Economical, Family Insurance, Intact, Travelers, and Wawanesa.


Loren M.

I had an excellent experience renewing my insurance. Annika was exceptionally warm,  friendly and helpful.

Janet M.

The experience was good with an exceptionally helpful, good natured representative, Kayin.

Sandy S.

Just wanted to let you know that I was in open Sat. July 8th to renew my car insurance.  Was greeted by a very nice young man, who processed me quickly and competently.

He was pleasant and helpful.  Sorry I didn’t get his name, but that was my fault.

I always think that people are quick to send you complaints in this time of keyboard warriors, but never take the time to complement workers.

Please give him my compliments and this is why I always come back to Harbord for all my insurance needs.

Dexter S.

As always the experience/service was FIVE STAR & TWO THUMBS UP!

Our People!

We only hire qualified insurance experts with 'can do' attitudes who sincerely love their work. They work with you to find the right coverage - at the right price.



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