Why Us?

It Pays to Compare

(And we've made it easy for you to do just that!)

As The Home Insurance People™, we’ve empowered the Consumer by changing the home insurance process from one where you’re only shown one price to an easy and transparent process where we offer you a range of competing prices from a bunch of leading Insurance companies.


Unlike our competitors – whether they be direct sellers like BelAir or Sonnet, credit unions, institutions like BCAA, or hundreds of so-called independent insurance brokerages — we don’t just tell you one price.

Instead, we get a bunch of different Insurance companies to quote on your business so you can easily see how they compare to one another and to what you’re paying now.


Although there’s a good chance you’ll save $$$ — sometimes a lot of $$$ — on a new policy, another considerable benefit comes from switching to Harbord – The Home Insurance People™, and this one repeats itself annually.

At renewal time every year, instead of sending you that dreaded Renewal Notice telling you just one price, as all our competitors do, we again shop the Insurance marketplace for you and show you all the various quotes so you can again see how they all compare to one another and quickly determine whether or not your current Insurer is still providing fair value. That’s empowerment, and it sure beats spending another whole year wondering if you’re paying too much!